Harvest House Craftsmen creates beautiful cabinetry for your kitchen and every room in your home.


Our level of cabinet making resides at the furthest opposite point from mass production. Our master craftsmen bring a unique appreciation for the timelessness of fine bespoke cabinetry along with their passion. We source only the finest hardwoods and custom veneers from managed forestry resources to make the process efficient and seamless.

You will discover that we want to know a lot about how you intend to use your fitted cabinetry. Everything should be tailored not just to your home, but also to your personal needs. Our design team excels at creating interior spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. We are here for you as your design partner for as much or as little guidance as needed.

We always recognize the importance of time and consistently meeting our delivery and install schedules is as important to us as it is to you. We provide blanket-wrapped delivery and our team of highly experienced installers will respect you, your home, and your new cabinetry.

After one year, we schedule a “check-up” on all of our cabinetry projects and are available to respond to questions about caring for your investment.


Featured In

Our collaboration with some of Canada’s most creative architects and interior designers has resulted in Harvest House Craftsmen being involved in many innovative projects. Some examples are listed below: